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MohammadMahdi Afshar

Software Developer, Gamer, AI enthusiast.

[email protected]+1 (856) 362 4028

a little about me

Mohammad Mahdi widely known as "Mamad" is a Software developer, who unlike other developers, did not study anything computer related in azad university of Karaj, but he spent his time studying in the major Translation Studies (English-Persian), and started to work as a part-time software developer instead; and developed a lot of bug-free back-ends using Golang & front-ends using React and NextJS; friends introduced him to the world of Python and he got interested in data-mining, AI & Machine Learning projects, and used Python's capabilities to try and learn about AI.

Mohammad does have the ability to use Databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and even vector databases like qdrant, but loves to use MySQL, with and Beeorm ORM for maximum performance in those backend projects that he develops.

latest writings

let's not call it a blog, because it is possible that i link a tweet or a post from somewhere else.

No posts available.

latest projects

clearly, it's not everything i've ever done, they're just random projects that i like to showcase.

Currently nothing.

you can checkout my Github for my latest open-sourced projects, maybe they're useful for you :)

There's also a Persian version available here.