mohammad mahdi afshar

Mohammad Mahdi Afshar

Senior Software Developer

Tehràn, Iran 🇮🇷

About Me

As a knowledgeable software engineer with extensive experience in software development, I have such a diverse set of skills that includes level of competence in a wide range of programming languages such as Golang, Node.js, Flutter & Dart, Python, PHP, Solidity and JavaScript, as well as a thorough understanding of modern frameworks such as React, NextJS, NestJS, Laravel, Django, Flask, Bootstrap, and Tailwind. My expertise in databases, which include MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, InfluxDB, and MongoDB, along with a fundamental understanding of Neo4j, enables me to develop and implement highly scalable and resilient solutions that satisfy the demands of today's fast-paced corporate environment. I am also experienced in automation approaches, having used Ansible, Docker, and Kubernetes to enable rapid and efficient deployment procedures.

I am a committed team member with a high relevance in lifelong learning and personal development. I am now studying English Translation and Literature at Karaj Azad University, and I am fluent in Persian, English, and have a rudimentary understanding of French and Turkish. My passion in AI and machine learning runs rampant, and I am always looking for new methods to broaden my expertise and keep current in the sector. I have expertise with Linux networking, virtualization systems, and network infrastructure deployment, as well as designing Telegram and Discord bots, web-scraping, and working with GraphQL. furthermore, I am well acquainted with Agile methodologies and also have worked effectively in Agile development.

I am confident in my capabilities to provide value to any firm as a proactive individual with a comprehensive comprehension of software development and its underlying ideas. I am dedicated to remaining current on industry trends, and I am constantly willing to take on new challenges and master new skills.

Latest Writings:

22 Aug, 2023 | Hello World - Testing the Blog

Fun Projects that i have done:

Dollar Chande ? 💵 (means how much is USD price ratio) is a Telegram Bot, that is online 24/7 and you can use it to get the latest USD price ratio in Iran; it also comes with a Channel that you can join to, to get the latest USD Price every 5 minuets.
you can find the Telegram Channel here: 💸 Dollar Chande ?! | الان دلار چنده ؟
This project is written in Golang and uses Redis as a temporarily cache and Docker for deployment.

TeleLib MultiLanguage Telegram Bot API Wrapper.

TeleBot a hard fork of the Original Repo, Telegram Wrapper for Golang.

NextGo A Simple Solution to use NextJS with Golang as a Backend.

ThreadPy A Simple Python Library to use Threads.

All my OpenSourced projects are accessible on my My GitHub

This list will be updated soon...